Back & Neck Injury

Seattle back and neck injury Attorneys

Insurance company lawyers and adjusters work diligently to undermine the severity of pain and expense such injuries cause. For effective representation, in-depth knowledge of complex medical conditions such as herniated and bulging discs, rotator cuff injury, pinched nerves, and neck disc compression is vital. When lawyers lack the necessary medical understanding and legal expertise, they may fail to evaluate the case properly and not obtain fair compensation for the client.

Back Injury

Spine fractures and herniated or bulging discs often occur as a result of motor vehicle accidents. Doctors can treat many back injuries without resorting to surgery, but in certain cases that involve nerve damage or other serious injury, surgery may be recommended. Surgery involves considerable expense.

Mechanical low back pain is one of the most common complaints expressed to emergency physicians in the United States, and accounts for more than 6 million cases annually. As a health problem, back pain is the 3rd most expensive disorder, after heart disease and cancer. —

Neck Injuries

A common form of Seattle neck injury frequently experienced during rear end collisions is whiplash, which throws the head backward and then forward. Whiplash damages soft tissues in the spine area, and if severe, can cause a disc to herniate or rupture. Compared with other neck injuries, whiplash is usually less serious. However, adverse effects such as headaches, double vision, neck pain, dizziness, concentration difficulty, and other discomforts may be acute, or become chronic when left untreated.

All neck traumas should receive immediate medical treatment. Pinched nerves, cracked vertebrae and spinal cord injury negatively impact other areas of the body, sometimes with long lasting side effects. Disruptions in the ability to eat, imbalances in the circulatory and nervous systems and other vital body functions make normal life difficult. Back and neck injury can lessen your ability to work, get exercise and stay active.

While the task of healing can be long and exhausting, legal guidance can take care of financial worries and provide a means for covering the expense of necessary medical treatment.

If you suffer from neck or back injury as a result of a car or other motor vehicle accident, seek legal help as soon as possible. At the P.I. Law Group, we provide clients with unmatched resources and expertise. We have a history of obtaining significant verdicts for neck and back injury cases, including herniated and bulging discs. Our personal injury lawyers represent clients throughout Seattle and Bellevue areas to recover maximum compensation on your behalf. Cases are taken on a contingency fee basis (If you don’t recovery, we don’t charge a fee).

Call us today at (425) 889-9300 to discuss your case with a Seattle Personal Injury Attorney.

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